Lumenberry Pie - XL Classic

Lumenberry Pie - XL Classic

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Seamlessly cobbling together all the best features of the best Light Therapy devices on the market, our full body light is a workhorse that packs in everything from perfect power and irradiance to an integrated mounting system into one stylish yet very effective system.

Comes with instructions, protective glasses, a hook, a pulley and a strong steel cable. Comfortable, versatile and durable.

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Know your light.

incredible benefits. incredibly simple.

660nm (Red) + 850nm (Near Infrared)

Clinically proven combination of safe, concentrated wavelengths of red and near-infrared light within a specific range of intensity that activates cellular regeneration & anti-aging systems in our body, and leads to increased cellular survival, rejuvenation, and healing.


Continuous Mode

This is a continuous wave of RED+NIR light and is the recommended treatment setting. High quality LEDs deliver light directly to the skin to enhance cellular function, boost and energize your body’s natural defense systems, and bring relief from various ailments, leading to countless proven health benefits.


Light Power and Coverage

Validated and based on independent, professional laboratory testing and can be used to guide dosing.


  • Spectral power distribution:
    Total Radiant Flux: 124,9 milliWatts
  • Irradiance: >100mW/cm
  • Joules per 3.31 Joules

Stand (optional)
Stand (optional)

Stand (optional)

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Secure your light with a stand. We also have an option to put your device on wheels (recommended for larger models only).

Targeted treatment.

classic collection

Lumenberry Pie Classic

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