Legit quality.
Highest irradiance.
Lowest EMF.
Third-party tested.


Light energy output matters when it comes to red light therapy. Our panels have been tested and demonstrate outstanding numbers, effortlessly beating other popular panels on the market while remaining safely way below maximum recommended EMF limits. Verified by one of the most respected laboratories in the world, Independent Testing Laboratories, the results confirm that our device is the most powerful and economical device around. Period.

Our power has no competition.


Targeted treatment.

A Red Light Therapy device that every home needs. Simple, powerful, perfect. Since it’s so portable, you can even turn it into your traveling buddy. Keep it on a table, mount on a wall, bring with you in bed. In case one wish of yours matches top-ranked resolution “I want to take care of myself” then you’re in a right place. Keep it around, and your body will thank you. Learn more >

13-inch model - $428

Full body treatment.

This. This is comfort. Seamlessly cobbling together all the best features of the best light therapy devices on the market, our full body light is a workhorse that packs in everything from perfect power and irradiance to an integrated mounting system into one stylish yet very effective system. Learn more >

38-inch model - $896


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