Don't take these lights lightly

Legit or hype?

Allow us to give you a resounding answer: YES, it’s real and it works. Actually, legit. The miracle found in light waves has been backed up by thousands (today over 50,000 and counting) of clinical studies and approved for a growing list of things including anti-aging, tissue repair, collagen production, pain relief, etc. (you are welcome to learn more about how exactly does it work here.) You may rest easy knowing there is an array of extraordinary benefits that have been proven and confirmed.

How it was discovered?

From space to Earth. Tiny light-emitting diode chips from space unexpectedly lighted the way for anti-aging, wound healing, and chronic pain alleviation on Earth. It was NASA that moved forward the science of light therapy after one amazing discovery that proved that red light exposure could get plants to grow in outer space (read more here.) That prompted to conduct more studies to investigate medical applications of light exposure and specifically how LEDs could transfer energy to human cells. 

What about eye protection?

RLT has never been shown to be harmful to the eyes, in fact, multiple studies confirm that RLT is very beneficial to ocular health. Glasses are meant to shield your eyes from brightness but will still allow Red and NIR light to have its beneficial effects.

What are the benefits?

Ongoing clinical research and studies are adding more and more amazing discoveries to the list of wonders of photobiomodulation. These benefits are merely a flick of a switch away. Please learn more:





RED, NIR or both?

We suggest you use both Red (visible) and NIR (invisible) lights at once (read more about magic wavelengths here.) “Two wavelengths of red light in particular—660nm and 850nm—deliver the best biological response, explains Michael Hamblin, M.D., an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. The former, 660nm, is more quickly absorbed by the skin, making it the go-to for cosmetic treatments, while 850nm penetrate deeper into your body to help with muscle recovery, joint pain, and full body health.”

Distance and time.

Determining the appropriate dose and timing is essential for optimal results. We provide instructions with our device. If you need more information please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to help you with your settings for the most biologically effective treatment, provide some tips and answer any other questions.

How often?

Consistent daily treatments are key to getting the best results possible. 5 days a week is ideal. Your goals will be what determines the amount of time needed to see improvements. Remember that your body benefits from every session and your cells are in charge of what to heal and what to work on first. You’re just feeding them needed energy to do the job.

Does the light penetrate through clothes?

Red light – no. NIR will be able to penetrate through some clothing but treatments are recommended for use on bare skin. If you have very sensitive skin you may want to start with a farther distance and shorter time and work up to the full treatment.

How about make-up, oils and lotions?

We recommend clean skin. Some products can block the penetration power of the light, while others may cause irritation. This issue is eliminated when you remove any products before the light therapy and then apply them afterward.

Does it have UV light?

No it doesn’t. More so, research shows that red light therapy can help to heal sun damage caused by UV light exposure.

Can you overdo it?

Actually, you can. “Overdoing it” can reduce the effectiveness of your treatments since light wavelengths have a “sweet spot” where they’re most effective. Follow the provided directions or contact us for help but please resist the urge to over do it.

How long will it take to see the results?

The amount of time required to see improvements depends on each person’s individual health needs and varies by person. Some see results in as little as a week and others take a month or two to notice a change. Most importantly, please be patient. This is not a miracle transformation that happens overnight, and consistency is a key. Similar to brushing our teeth: if we’ll brush them once it doesn’t mean we are expecting to wake up the very next morning with a Hollywood smile. It takes time to get there. RLT provides you with ongoing improvements and positive health benefits that you will begin to see and feel. By using the light consistently, you are nurturing your body, both internally and externally, and results will come!

Can children use it?

Studies indicate the light waves are safe for any age. However, we suggest you always check with your doctor if you have any questions.

What about pets?

Proved valuable in many veterinary and rehabilitation clinics, RLT is becoming a popular alternative for many pet ailments. It’s an effective treatment for a variety of conditions and is also great for overall health!

Near InfraRed VS Far InfraRed.

Near- infrared light and far-infrared light. The two are often confused as the same thing but they are really quite different. Learn more about it here.)

How about EMF levels?

We made sure with our device you won’t be exposed to ANY unwanted EMF whatsoever.  At the recommended treatment distance of our device you’re receiving all the benefits with zero EMF exposure. Please learn more here.)

Is it safe?

Safe, non-invasive and 100% natural. Studies confirm that RLT does not harm the human body in any way, uses no chemicals, has no harmful side effects and is approved for all skin types and skin tones.

Why doesn’t everyone know about this?!?

One day every home will have RLT device. Today the phenomenon brought to us from space known as red light and near-infrared light therapy is still very new to us, mere humans… but you just wait and see!

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Links to studies

“PBM including near IR irradiation therapy starts its journey to cell biology and medicine” – US National Library of Medicine