Red Light therapy can enhance every aspect of your physical performance including strength, speed, endurance, muscle size, and much more. "It is so effective at athletic performance enhancement that in recent years, athletic associations worldwide have considered banning it, calling it “light doping,” shares Mark Sloan, a best-selling author with an extensive reserch in photobiomodulation. Give it a try and see for yourself!

- Increased strength.
- Increased peak torque.
- Reduced lactate levels 
- Improved flexibility and range of motion
- Increased endurance.
- Increased repetitions.
- Enhanced muscle gain and strength
- Increased time to exhaustion.
- Decreased O2 deficit
- Increased energy.
- Combats fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

- Relaxes sprained and strained muscles and tendons, decreases tension and spasms.
- Promotes faster recovery time after working out and improves recovery time from injuries.
- Reduces muscle damage.
- Reduces risk of injury and accelerates recovery.
- Excellent therapeutic modality for the treatment of skeletal muscle injuries.
- Increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients.
- Increases neurocognitive function.
- Promotes fat loss.
- Boosts detoxification and immunity.

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“PBM including near IR irradiation therapy starts its journey to cell biology and medicine” – US National Library of Medicine