You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that we all want to feel good and look great. We’re here to help.

With a solid education in sport medicine and over 20 years of experience working with those who wish to stay healthy, fit, beautiful, youthful and sexy-cool, we’ve learned and researched some interesting things along the way. One of them was light therapy and its benefits. Photobiomodulation. The holy grail of benefits, actually. 

While the prices on the market for the light therapy devices more resemble the price of a space shuttle, we wanted to share and offer a light that is affordable to a mere human. Affordable and awesome. And that’s how it started.

Pursuing and communicating only the most effective information based on science, today we offer you a product that’ll boost your energy and attitude, feed your cells, and tell your age and pain to back off.

We’re located, well obviously, in health-obsessed California where people are more likely to have a spare yoga mat in their car than a tire indeed. We eat kale chips and chia seeds here. We are obsessed with farmers markets and bike paths. We watch world class athletes and learn from them. We discover missing pieces you need to create the lifestyle you want. We sell cellular time machines. We ship worldwide.

Contact us with any questions at : team@lumenberries.com

P.S. Can we pay you every month? Let's work and grow together - ask us about our affiliate program.

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