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✓ Legit quality.
✓ Highest irradiance.
✓ Lowest EMF.
✓ Pulse mode.
✓ Continuous mode.
✓ Ambient mode.
✓ No flicker.
✓ Third-party tested.

the all-new 2023 collection

Full Body Treatment

This. This is comfort. Big and bigger! Your essential companion is now even more powerful. Meet the ultimate device for a healthy lifestyle.


Targeted Treatment

Here's to a healthier you! Keep it on a table, mount it on the wall, take it with you to bed. Keep it around, and your body will thank you.


Plays harder.
Goes further.

quality verified
Don't take these lights lightly

Light energy output matters when it comes to red light therapy. Our panels have been tested and demonstrate outstanding numbers, effortlessly beating other popular panels on the market while remaining safely way below maximum recommended EMF limits. Verified by one of the most respected laboratories in the world, Independent Testing Laboratories, the results confirm that our device is the most powerful and economical device around. Period.

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